We feel OLAF

Hi, it’s been a while but hey here we are. Let’s start with our URBAN MODEL.

That’s what you can expect when OLAF finally arrives to your home in the following weeks. We have already explained everything that was modified, however let’s go through it.

We love wood as you can see below! Reinforced beech laminated main board and already mentioned additional wooden trunk multifunctional board.

OLAF Urban platform with straps

All Kickstarter backers (and pre-order backers) will get additional straps to attach your own backpack, grocery bag etc.

One of our backers asked if he can carry his girlfriend on that front board – well, it’s definitely possible in terms of weight and durability (although not advised due to safety reasons).

twin rear 72 mm wheels

Improved rear wheel brake

What we also improved by going with twin rear wheels is a rear wheel brake that is much better now since it has better grip while having more surface.

Still, when driving in wet weather, braking is much worse than when the weather is dry. Please keep that in mind.

As you probably already know, we are late due to all modifications of our backpack (all basic parts, bottom and back were gone back to the drawing board). We are pleased now (actually Bostjan never is) and we are sure you will find our backpack handy & cool.


Handle extension
We succeeded in making it 2 inch longer – now also taller backers won’t have problems while riding around.

Complete case modifications
We changed the interior and exterior of our case. Exterior is much more robust now making it “bulletproof” to luggage handling by even the worst airport luggage staff. Also front soft part is improved with more robust soft material. Interior is packed with neatly organized compartments that will help you organize your mobile office.

Psst … It isn’t officially out yet, but we have a silver winner here:). More news coming soon.



We were truly surprised by your imagination and great response. Some of you sent us really nice pieces of art & design and we are happy to make your OLAF one of a kind.

Have a look at how we engraved your name, logo etc. on a wooden board (or business aluminum board).


Being in love with natural materials – leather it is.

How it’s made (let’s bake some cookies again:)

Carefully chosen leather is cut manually by hydraulic press and special cutters – pretty much the same procedure as when your mother makes cookies with cookie cutters. We just need a greater force.

When both halves are cut, we (actually Bostjan’s father-in-law does that – we told you, it’s a family business) sew them together.



& the final result

We feel OLAF and you?


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