It’s “URBAN time”


Mechanics with Urban model are based around these aluminum parts (see above). They serve as a key part to what wooden board and twin telescopic handles are mounted on.

How do we make it?

Have you ever made cookies with the machine where you push dough through a shaped mold? Same here, we »push« the solid aluminum material through a mold with a huge force. And the result? Continuous profiles that are cut afterwards. Just like with cookies:).


We were modifying and testing the boards extensively in the last two months.
All you skaters know that board stiffness is something what you get used to it. Some prefer extremely stiff boards, others more flexible boards. For example, I (Bostjan) prefer more stiff boards while Jure (our video creator and beta test rider) likes more flexible ones.

In detail, with scooters we are optimizing torsional stiffness – how much does a board bend when you try to bend it with rotation. At the end of the day it’s always a compromise since boards will be used from ages 3 to 99.

End results: we are now producing boards with 15 (yes, 15!) layers of a 1 mm thick (0,04 inch) beech veneer. Laminate plan is carefully chosen, moreover we use special glue for our boards. After all layers are covered with glue, stack goes into press where we apply approx. 7 kg/cm2 (100 psi).

To make glue hard, we need to heat it up – and we do it with microwave heating, it is similar to your microwave oven. Boards are “baked” approx. 8 min. Computer cutting machine does trimming and drilling of all needed holes. Some finishing is needed (sanding) and lacquering that will keep your board safe from the rain.


Expect detailed video of a complete board manufacturing process soon.


As we told you already we were not really happy with the previous backpack design. Although its backside and especially experience using it was perfect when complete Urban was folded into a backpack and worn all together, that was not the case when a backpack was worn without a scooter.

With the new backside there is a much better experience using OLAF backpack also without scooter attached – our design incorporates air channels that keep your back dry when wearing heavy backpack on a hot summer day.

Since we were already in the process of redesigning it, we changed the bottom as well. Why? With the new design, the backpack is extremely stable and stands by itself on the bottom – also when fully loaded. New bottom is made from a special molded high durable polymer material.


The backpack’s interior hasn’t been changed much. The main pocket still has three separated compartments, two of them are padded to keep you tablet or computer safe from road bumps. Front pocket has well organized interior with lots of small extra pockets that will help you organize the mess inside.


There are still lots of safety reflective material patches visible from all sides (back, front and sides). Color options are staying the same.


How do we make OLAFs …


Some hard core machining, drilling, welding, assembly, powder coating … stay tuned.

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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development