OLAF Urban 2018

1. Urban chassis modifications

We modified complete chassis structure, invested in new tools and processing technologies in order we can make best possible foldable scooter chassis possible. And we did it. Although all main chassis component stayed in aluminum, we have chosen aircraft aluminum alloy quality this time.

We still love wood. We redesigned the main board at rear wheel section and apply antiskid surface on complete top surface of main board. When Urban gets in trolley mode, wooden board is locked and secured with new developed locking system that holds board safely in place.

Lots of our effort was focused into eliminating any rattling noise when using Urban on poor surface. Simply because its annoying! Consider it done.

All in all, we made Urban chassis much more sturdy and safe to conqueror your city. We already proved with our old chassis that Urban carries two adults, one as rider and one as cargo. New model is even more of a beast.

2. Folding and steering

Concepts is the same, true, but thats more or less all what it is. Complete folding system is much stronger since it withstands most severe certification scooter standards out there.

Steering runs much smoother more user friendly through complete range of steering angle. We have redesigned & packed steering springs into main chassis body in order to protect them from any riding accidents.

We further improved our patented folding system with doubling the strength and safety of complete folding system by adding steel cross bar. By doing so, we limited the handle movement and gain extreme folding system strenght and consequently handle strength.

3. Handle

In order to reduce noise and improve handle height safety, we added extra clamps in addition to our existing knob/pin system. By doing that we additionally reduced noise when used on bumpy surfaces.

4. Wheels & brake

Size does matter! We changed front wheels from 110 to 145 mm while rear wheel was kept 80 mm. New rear wheel bracket has been designed and rear wheel brake improved – thermal insulation between metal brakes (In heavy braking your shoe will not melt down).

In addition, we installed best possible bearings to all wheels.

5. Trolley

In order, your OLAF stands vertically safe also when fully loaded, we made that trolley stand extremely strong. Now, you do not need worry about tilting.

Side movement of trolley is limited with axis lock out system – when Urban is in trolley mode, axis is locked and trolley functions as true trolley.

6. Backpack

Main improvements lie in backpack attachment system to Urban chassis. We doubled the attachment straps, modified the buckles for easier access. Your backpack will not detach unless you want to.

In addition, we made backpack handle stronger and softer to carry. We also modified the backpack back surface (and shoulder straps) using advanced 3D mesh material – this material will allow better airflow thus no wet T shirts spots on your back.

We kept the concept that you can completely remove interior plastic reinforcement – in that case you can squeeze & roll your OLAF backpack. With reinforcement inside, your backpack will stand vertical by itself also when fully packed with no fear for tilting over (especially great for school kids).

We did not forget about wheel covers when using Urban as backpack.

7. Certification – EN14619:2015

We have spent lots of weeks in past two years in our testing lab testing new improved chassis for static and dynamic loads. These static loads are just one of tests we needed to pass.

8. Shipping & prices

As already said, although we made new OLAFs best of the best, we were able to bring the price down due to improved processing technologies and bigger production series.

We have included shipping costs for EU, US/Canada and most of Asian countries.

Production is already in full swing, we start shipping first orders in August.

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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development