A new review for OLAF

Check out what Globo surf says about us.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

“Before this invention, nobody would imagine heading out on a scooter while carrying a big backpack or a bag full of groceries. The bulk and weight are simply too much to handle if you have it around your shoulders since it moves your center of balance way too high to be able to comfortably maneuver a scooter. On the other hand, only using a trolley slows you down considerably.”

“One of the most remarkable features of the Olaf Scooters is how well they look while performing at the highest standards. Usually, items that try to combine several different things in one end up feeling very cumbersome and overburdened with features, but the Olaf Scooters strike an excellent balance between form and functionality and deliver a product that is a joy both to look at and to use.”

Big update for your favourite kick-scooter

Hi there,

We don’t send emails very often. We only post news when there is news. Like now when we want to talk about our latest improvements. None of which would happen if it wasn’t for you, our dear OLAF fans. Read through or skip to the last paragraph if you want to learn about our shipping updates. We’re not only better, we also ship faster! Hooray!

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Here we are

In today’s update we will describe two segments of development we were working on last month. Solving the “last product bugs” (longer OLAF Business handle and a new OLAF Urban backpack) but mostly production related issues.

Business case – in production

We added a few more interior pockets (there are never enough pockets within your office compartment).

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