How I started loving the handle – story of the beta tester

When Boštjan asked me how we are shoot it to present it to the longboard and skate crowd I felt sceptical. It felt kind of wrong – coming from (some skate and much more) snowboard background I share the sentiment of the deck with 90 degree stance and have been mocking the monoskis and the snakeboards of this world. Longboard with handles, hmmm..


But I was an open kid. As soon as I stopped delighting neighbours with my skate exercises I bought me some roller-blades. I know it was a blasphemy but at least I could safely cross the sidewalks as my feet were free. Going to the lectures I always had to carry around some spare snickers, so the backpack was mandatory..

So my daily University luggage would include – roller blades, backpack, shoes, all of my daily books ( and some beer or wine at the other occasions ). It was a lot, but at least I could ride the city, and that’s what’s all about ain’t it?


It was around the middle of my uni times when I bought my first scooter, quite cheap, chinese one – disguised in the colors of the french flag, but still – it couldn’t survive my tempo and got broke very soon.

So here I was – we finished shooting the video and the Olaf Urban was left in my car.. hm..


I used it when I parked my car out of the city centre, I used it going sailing for few days, I used it living on the river in Belgrade, I used it on Vis going to the beach and I used it for my working gigs, taking just the minimal amounts of gear with me. Heck, I even used it as a dolly.

I had to admit to myself, this thing is great – I could carry more than before, my laptop was inside, so was the chargers + all of my warm clothes for the evening. I was prepared for the whole day. I was faster, I mean really fast, and could enjoy the moments of waiting for carving the nearest parking lot.

If you don’t feel sure to jump on the sidewalk skate quickly becomes just another thing to carry around. With Olaf you just jump on one foot, lift the handle bar and you’re up!


You see, the thing with this pack is that you don’t carry it – it carries you! It carries you, your computer, your camera, all the bills you have to pay today, the towel when you are off to the beach and allows you to skate away for ice cream or beer ( or both ) for the whole group of friends.

Jure Plešec, OLAF video director and the summer beta-tester.

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