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I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR a suitable vehicle for commuting in Paris for quite some time when I came across the Olaf. The ability to take it onto the metro and use it to shorten the famous “last mile” sold me on the idea and the last few months of using the scooter did not disappoint.


Since late last year Olaf has seen different sides of the city, ranging from cobble stone in Montmartre over asphalt at Bastille and the conference halls at le Bourget during COP 21.

One thing that also attracted me to the Olaf was the ability to easily disassemble and exchange parts of it in case of failure. While no major issues hit me in the past, this enabled me to exchange the bright green handle bar and wheels to a more minimalist black.

This project took around a week and involved the helpful hand of a local Parisian 3D-printing hub and an hour of assembly. You’ll find pictures of the different steps below.





More details on the print

The 3D print came out well, despite having been designed for plastic injection  only a little stabilization and gluing where the handlebar connects to the metal was necessary.

Cheers from Paris,
 OLAF’s first guest blogger 

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