OLAF Business 2018

Lets go into details.

1. Business chassis modifications

We modified complete chassis structure, invested in lots of new tools and processing technologies in order we can make best luggage scooter chassis possible. And we did it.Although all main chassis component stayed in aluminum, we have chosen aircraft aluminum alloy quality this time.

2. Noise

Lots of our effort was focused into eliminating any rattling noise when using Business on poor surface. Simply because its annoying! So, we integrated shock absorbers between all wheels and chassis. Done!

3. Adjustable steering spring feedback!

If you weight 50 or 150 kg, if you like your OLAF to be agile (soft spring feedback) in making corners or you prefer more elegant and smooth steering (hard spring feedback). Now you can adjust your steering feedback in limitless steps; needed tool will be added – see user manual for more info (by default we will position springs in soft spring feedback).

Antiskid surface: complete top board surface is covered with antiskid tape for your safety.

4. Folding

We modify everything not working best in previous modelsand keep same what is working best; folding concept is something we remain almost the same.

In addition to limitless adjustment of steering feedback, we modify steering springs to operate in linear motion through complete steering range. We mean serious when we say we went into every detail.

We further improved our patented folding system with doubling the strength and safety of complete folding system by adding additional supports. By doing so, we limited the handle free movement and gain extreme folding system strength.

Additional folding lock

When folding Olaf board, we added additional safety lock – although OLAF is a carry-on luggage approved, sometimes its separated from you and goes through standard luggage drop off. In such cases, we advise using this additional lock.

5. Wheels & brake

We are keeping front wheels in 110 mm and rear wheels in 55 mm. New rear wheel bracket has been designed and rear wheel brake improved – thermal insulation between metal brakes (In heavy braking your shoe will not melt down). In addition, we installed best possible bearings to all wheels.

6. Colors

We went for all black now – as many of you wanted.

7. Trolley

In order, your OLAF stands vertically safe also when fully loaded, we made that trolley stand extremely strong. Now, you do not need worry about tilting.


8. Case

a) Case stoppers

Has it happened to you that you old OLAF (or any case actually) has been moving around in back of your trunk. Not any more:

b) Expandable case

Our case dimensions is limited via carry-on size limitations. However, in same case, we are not limited with this and we can expand case in order to pack for that extra day off.

c) Fast & safe access pocket

For safe and fast access to your valet, passport, tablet

9. Certification – EN14619:2015

We have spent lots of weeks in past two years in our testing lab testing new improved chassis for static and dynamic loads.

10. Shipping & prices

As already said, although we made new OLAFs best of the best, we were able to bring the price down due to improved processing tehnologies and bigger production series. In addition, we have included shipping costs for EU (also tax for EU), US/Canada and most of Asian countries into basic price.

Production is already in full swing, we start shipping first orders in August.

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  1. Jay Slangen
    Jay Slangen says:

    I didn’t have any issues with the changes that you made from previous versions. I was hoping to see upgrades on that cheap / horrible handle – mine always pops out when extending it and it’s been spoken on in many forums. Also wish you made an update to the top of the handle as the wings on it (how it extends out at the top) makes it so difficult to easily slide my bag on/off of it, which sucks every time I get to the X-rays or check-in or many situations. That is my biggest issue w/ the suitcase. The board has always been great to be honest, great stearing, great brake, great handling, smooth, I love it when I’m at the transfer airports it’s the best!.. it’s the suitcase that needed the major updates as the board was high quality and the bag was always cheap and plastic which was always my main issue of ditching the bag or not.
    ! was excited to see updates and then disappointed after reading them. too bad. (I ordered 2 last year and never saw an email asking customers about their thoughts on the product before you guys went to update it). The suitcase issue is actually my main reason that I don’t recommend the bag to others. I always say it’s fantastic to have the board but the bag sucks. Just being honest. And I get asked all the time. I own a music festival cruise called Shipsomnia and was thinking about even making custom ones for our merchandise line in the future, but not if the suitcase quality isn’t improved. Really disappointed.

    • Bostjan
      Bostjan says:

      HI Jay,
      thanks for your feedback; since we were already in contact and I already explained some modifications, maybe I can emphasize some details that were maybe not highlighted enough. And yes, Jay, we do listen and except all feedbacks we get.

      Case itself had several modifications, from interior tuning, clever extra (fast access) pocket for your passport or wallet (that old concept was just not very clever), expandable case (do click on the photo showing this and you will see animation) and lost of smaller details.
      At very first batch we had that handle bug problem that was really nerve wrecking, I admit. We already solve that at later on – of course this does not happen again.

      Regards chassis modification – there are many of them – do go through the text and since you are OLAF user you will know exactly what and why we did those updates.

      I truly believe that we have a great product at the moment…and lots of new things are coming out…

      with best regards, Bostjan

    • Poster Matchnak
      Poster Matchnak says:

      Hello Shipsomnia, Thank you for your comments. Bostjian has done a great job. I just received my bag and will have it on the next Shipsomnia. Please consider working with him, Aurdavua.

      • Elshkon Debritch
        Elshkon Debritch says:

        Jay, Thank you for those comments. Looks like Olaf has made just about all those improvements. I am in Hong Kong and used to Olaf to get away just in time thanks goodness.

        I especially like the new tuned suspension since it is smooth when running over cracks in the square and the debris left there. I also like the new passport pockets which comes in very handy. But best improvement maybe the new lower price.

  2. Enrico
    Enrico says:

    Great improvements!! I’ve two Urban (bought in 2017) , I wonder if I can mod my models adding some of your great improvements! Maybe I can add:
    – Adjustable steering spring feedback (adding an hole with driller is not a problem for me)
    – Antiskid Surface
    – Case Stoppers
    – Shock absorbers

    Please let me know if you can provide me the parts required for the above mods + instructions. Thanks a lot.

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    can’t really see if you changed the dimensions. Depending on how you measure the old Olaf Business is 27cm thick – which is too much for many airlines. Did you change that?

    • OLAF Scooter
      OLAF Scooter says:

      Hi Mike,

      Our basic thickness of business model is smaller compared to an old model – now it is 23 cm; however, if you click on that photo in our blog you can see how case expands now up to 28 cm.

      Further more, if you will not fully pack, you will be able to push OLAF also to 20 cm thickness container (economy airlines) since case front panel is made of soft material.

  4. John Paul
    John Paul says:

    I have been using my 2018 Model for a time now. So glad you are in business. It is superior to the Micro one I experienced and the 2 Chinece models — which broke very quickly. Thank you for making my bi-weekly commutes fun again!!


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