OLAF 2018 – finally here!!!


We want to become global trendsetters for unique, niche luggage/backpack/cargo scooters resulting in true SOS (Saving Our Streets) campaign. We truly believe in that.


By combining design thinking from first sketches to the sample off production with our strongest awardwinning development background that allowed use to use materials and concepts that were never used in scooter and luggage sector yet. All that blended within both OLAF, but that is just a start.

Design thinking

After several thousands OLAFs kicking globally, we paused our sales for a year, collect all ideas from our fans, went back to the drawing board and completely redesign our fleet.

After 5 years, we still fell strong about our main concept of foldable, luggage/backpack/cargo scooters so we kept the concept. However, no single tech or design detail was kept the same. Both, Urban and Business scooters consist of more than 150 parts and not a single part was kept same with previous models.


Did you know that OLAF Urban (old model) is a current best Urban mobility scooter 2017/2018 by ISPO award jury? We think that they are still the biggest and best professionals out there. Let see what will they think about the new models…

Old batches into recycling!

We listen to our fans, to their problems, suggestions, always. Thus, our constant is change, improvement. Mid last year, we have realized that current OLAF chassis just could not be improved any more as we wanted. Although scooters were OK and selling great, we already had first designs of 2018 model generation ready in our heads. Having those ideas, we did what no profit orientated should do.

We completely stopped sales with our warehouse full of 2017 chassis. We did that since we already knew that product was not our best what we can do, not the one we wanted our kids to ride, not the one we can say – this is our best!

Having our chassis made in aluminum, cases in plastic and textile, the only parts we cannot truly recycle are wheels (PU material).

Sales & delivery

As you know we had several production/transport/price problems in the past. From being late with first Kickstarter deliveries, no stock, not being able to reach B2B market due to high production prices etc. We learned our lesson the hard way; by completely stopping all sales activates we were able to concentrate on the product first. After development was done, we passed most complex certification for scooters (not just luggage certification). After demo start production, additional testing, we are now already in production phase building our stock. This time we wanted to keep our promises regards deadline, also due to shipping problems we had in the past. That why we will have stock in Europe, Asia and US in order we keep transport costs low & deliveries short.

By having complete development & production chain (read costs) carefully under control, we will be able to go B2B finally. So, do contact us if you want to join OLAF community

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  1. Brad Moldenhauer
    Brad Moldenhauer says:

    We would love continue your vision here in Australia! Our city has a great awareness of our environment and a great skate and scoot community. Partly the reason for our launch of our skate and scooter products which a percentage will go to the community and not for profit organisations. We’d love to promote and include your range and create awareness inbyne community and Australia at large. I look forward to hearing more and running with with your great product and vision. Best regards, Best regards, Brad Moldenhauer, Director of Shuvit Industries.


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