COLLECTING FEEDBACK – Product designer Jurij Lozic, Musguard

During the finalization of the design and preparation for the campaign we wanted to get a solid feedback about Olaf from the design professional.

We decided to turn to Jurij Lozic, an industrial designer who developed Musguard, one of Slovenian Kickstarter success stories. His opinion really mattered to us.


We met him at his office in Poligon, a co-working space in Ljubljana and quickly started talking about the product.


He was aware of the complexity of the product and observed the solutions with great care; the extruding handle that is used for steering, the locking mechanism and a clean wooden skateboard of the Urban model got a really positive comments, while he advised on the details that could be polished as well.


While Urban is a great platform in itself, it has a lot of possibilities for a future upgrade; we have been already discussing about customized bags for various professional applications, like a photo case, a mail delivery case, various grips that will allow users to mount their own luggage, etc.. Urban has great plans for the future, but first we want to finish up this stage of development and start the production of the first batch.


The development the Olaf Business took longer so the traveling suitcase is closer to the final product. We are limited to the carry-on limits of the plane companies. Jurij took a ride in front of the old tobacco factory, observed the steering characteristics and left us with really encouraging feedback.


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