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We don’t send emails very often. We only post news when there is news. Like now when we want to talk about our latest improvements. None of which would happen if it wasn’t for you, our dear OLAF fans. Read through or skip to the last paragraph if you want to learn about our shipping updates. We’re not only better, we also ship faster! Hooray!

New wooden board

We made boards stronger, changed the glue type and improved lacquering (aesthetics). We also changed laminate plan: that is how the wooden slices are positioned. We now use 17 slices of 1 mm thick beech veneer. Curious? See how it’s made in our secret video.

Metal plate reinforcement

At the position where wooden board is bolted to the chassis, metal reinforcement plate is added. It helps redistribute the stress of those three bolts.

New rear wheel

New wheel is a bit bigger (80 mm/3.2 inch), wider (35 mm/1.4 inch) and most important it has flat braking surface; this is how we were able to substantially improve braking. Since braking is more even now, wheels do not block and wear off.

Improved rear wheel brake

Some of you burned shoes while braking hard – that hot could the brake get. Solved. We added best insulation between hit brake and your shoe – air!


Did it happen to you? When pulling the handle strong, you ended with handle out of the handle tubes. It can get back again, but it’s annoying to put it mild. Well, we immediately changed that with OLAF Business, and now also with OLAF Urban. See another secret video.

Handle structural connector

Structural aluminum connector (serving for securing the backpack to the scooter) was until recently structurally bonded to the handle chassis. Now we added oldest bonding process – riveting with additional connector. You will not tear that off unless you are Chuck Norris. It’s also true he had our scooter before it was invented.:)


Folding mechanism

Concept stays the same; folding system springs are now stronger, so folding locking system is more secure.

Steering lock-up system

In the old model, steering axis was still rotating when scooter was in trolley mode. That sometimes resulted that wheels could rub into backpack bottom (only in trolley mode). Not a big deal but, hey, we told you, we are going for perfection. Click for the secret video again.


Trolley stand

With added steering lock-up system and improved (longer) trolley stand. That is how your OLAF trolley (also when fully loaded) will stand vertical safe and secure when having your coffee.


Backpack reinforcement

Some of you might have difficulties (especially when having an empty backpack) with backpack being absolutely stable attached to the scooter. Now we have done it. Further more, if you need it (if you want to wrap the backpack) you can temporarily remove reinforcement. Here’s also the video.

In the same manner our new kids on the block (OLAF City bag and Deli basket) are secured to Urban scooter).

Shipping is faster now!

Since we are striving for excellence with our OLAF family, we just needed to improve that part of a customer service.

Too many of you know that we had quite some headaches with our worldwide shipping. Most problematic was USPS and US shipping in general. So, we were working hard to offer our US fans proper shipping service that will not cost a fortune. We are happy to reveal the FEDEX will be able to deliver your OLAFs within 4-5 days with reliable and trackable service. It will cost a bit more than current standard option (hey, you can still choose that one) but it will save some headaches to all of us.

For other worldwide shipping (especially Asia) we made a great deal with TNT, so you will also be able to get your OLAFs for additional price of few coffees within days.

You see, at OLAF we are dedicated to improve your daily communting and make it safe & fun.

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