We all know the trouble and inconvenience of having to carry around too much stuff in your luggage, purse, or backpack. That is why we came up with the idea of building on something that already exists and making it better in terms of volume, weight, and practicality.


“The suitcase you can ride to the


“… olaf puts a spin on your usual
commuting experience.”


“If you’re rushing through an airport, all you have to do is flip down the scooter, kick your legs, and glide effortlessly to your gate.“


OLAF Business

is a 3-in-1 hybrid of a carry-on airline-approved suitcase,
a trolley, and a kick-scooter.

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OLAF Urban

is a 4-in-1 unique solution that incorporates removable ergonomically-designed backpack,
sturdy trolley, a steerable kick-scooter, and a wooden skateboard.

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is a brand new member of OLAF family.

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the new generation of
OLAF scooters

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Wonderful scooter! My son uses the scooter instead of the bicycle.
The scooter has improved the quality of his life immensely because of greater mobility and self reliability. The heavy backpack is on the scooter instead of his back. An added bonus!!!

My daughter has been zooming around London on her OLAF City and has had so many ‘looks, loves and laughs’. She gets from A to B so quickly… She’s always on time!
She was ecstatic and thrilled beyond words when she opened the box and even happier that it didn’t need any assembling before she could test run it!

OLAF business is crucial in my extensive travelling life. It is a fantastic piece of luggage. It made my traveling routine much easier, fun and fast. It saves a lot of time. Quite many times this suitcase saved me from missing my  flights.

The product is exactly what we wanted as a combination between a scooter and something like shopping bag or backpack.

You made a 12 year old girl happy. She is looking forward going to school in the morning with a big smile. What a wonderful idea, how wonderfully crafted! It’s rare one buys a product and this product is so much more than the price one paid for it. With you it definitely is the case. Worth every cent and even double. One can feel you poured your heart into it. I wish you all possible success!

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