Where in the world are OLAF prototypes?

We are sending prototypes around the globe, and if you’re near a red spot, you might even get a chance for a ride or two. If you’re interested in a serious test, drop us a line on Twitter. Map is always up-to-date.

Red pins are Business OLAFs, green pins are Urban OLAFs.

All major European airports have been “tested” with carry-on Business OLAFs. At Frankfurt, most frequent connecting airport from Ljubljana, we heard a lot of “What a cool luggage!”

It’s cool and fast.

COLLECTING FEEDBACK – Product designer Jurij Lozic, Musguard

During the finalization of the design and preparation for the campaign we wanted to get a solid feedback about Olaf from the design professional.

We decided to turn to Jurij Lozic, an industrial designer who developed Musguard, one of Slovenian Kickstarter success stories. His opinion really mattered to us.


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Cruising the marina

I got Olaf for a test when I was staying on a boat in marina Portoroz, and I need to say it makes my moving around much easier and most importantly, it makes it quicker. When I needed to go to the store, to take a shower in marina’s toilets (as we don’t have a shower on our boat), go for a morning coffee to the bar, go for a swim go the beach, and later to the dinner in the centre of Portoroz etc. I simply set up Olaf and go… I didn’t even try to use my car, which I would normally do to go out from marina, because I’m a bit lazy for walking around. Read more